Pin Grading 

🌸 Standard - Little to no imperfections (Can have micro scratching due to polishing, Micro scratches on print/ enamel, etc.) 

Glitter or Pearl effects can have tiny errors like a speck of dust/one or a few different colored Glitter pieces and or darker specks in Pearl.

🌸 B-Grade - Some imperfections. (Scratches, dust in enamel, small bubbles, under filled enamel etc.)

🌸 Seconds - Very noticeable imperfections. (Deep scratches, Discolor, spilled enamel, unfilled enamel, Missing/ Broken Post, etc.)

🌸 Flawed - If you see this as the only other option, besides standard, then that means you could receive either a B-grade or a seconds pin! This depends on, if I have less than 5 pins of either grade, to make it more fair for everyone at drop I mix them together. 

🌸 Please keep in mind that Pins are handmade and are not always 100% perfect. It is possible for standard grade pins to have minor imperfections that can only be seen under intense scrutiny. I only grade the front of the pin.


Shipping outside the usa

Shipping outside the USA can be a little bit expensive and is different depending on which country I have to ship to. I do ship worldwide.

Please allow a minimum of 1 month for packages arrive. Due to holidays and such it can take longer!! Please consider before purchase.

Shipping worldwide is usually tracked and without insurance, unless stated otherwise. You can buy extra insurance from my shop for your international package or orders over 100$

All items from my shop will be send in bubble envelopes. When shipped outside the USA, I can add a thick cardboard on the back of your pin if wished, so the pinback doesn't bend that easy (or the sticker doesnt bend). For that option, just message me before I ship your order :)

Shipping to Europe might cause for you to pay additional VAT taxes in your country. Please be aware of that when ordering. VAT IS NOT INCLUDED IN MY PRICES. 



Shipping Pre-orders and In stock items

Please be aware that Pre-orders may take a while until they are finished and sent to me. Usually I write in the listings an approximate time, for my pins to arrive to me. After receiving the pins I will grade and package them before I can send them out to their new homes. So please add around 1 week to the time that is stated in that listing. 

If you order a pre-order and an in stock item together I will hold them until the pre-ordered item is ready to ship. If you wish to get your in stock item faster and seperate from your pre-order, please place 2 individual orders.



I have no resale/ trade policies for my pins as of now.